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Henshaws Society For Blind People

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Pete Pinnington was brought up by deaf parents and when he was 7yrs old his father had another disability to deal with after losing his sight. The first stage for his dad was how to live life without this valuable sense. Following diagnosis, Pete’s father was given the help and support from Henshaws Society For Blind People in Liverpool. The wonderful team at Henshaws enable people living with visual impairments and other disabilities to build the skills and independence they need, to get the future they want.

Despite the loss of his sight, Pete’s dad had achieved so much over the years. Following woodwork classes, he made Pete his first record box and built a small chair for his first grandchild – something even a sighted person would struggle with. These would not have been possible if the team at Henshaws hadn’t shown his dad how to adapt and learn new skills.

Pete was approached by Henshaws to be an Ambassador for them and help raise their profile through his media connections. Along with this role, Pete has offered to help the charity with some of their future events.

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